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Professional Actor


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Welcome to my homepage!


Theatre Bay Area


I am an actor who lives and works in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA. I'm interested in theatre, film, and voice over work.
**Member of Theatre Bay Area, Custom Made Theatre Company, and Left Coast Theatre Company**




Left Coast Theatre Company  "Besties" October 2018 at The Exit



Summary of my work (see resume for more)

 *2018- Schmance McGrew Twilight Zone Parody in July at Piano Fight, and Come Here Often with Left Coast Theatre in August at the Exit, and more to come...

*2017- So What Happened at Church, part of Piano Fight's Pint Sized Plays in March, and I Dream of Genie Twilight Zone Parody  in July, $wampland at SF Fringe Fest., and more...

*2016 - two amazing shows- Jerusalem with Second Wind Productions and San Francisco, Here I Come! with Left Coast Theatre

 *2015/2014 - Vampire Lesbians of Sodom with Virago Theatre, BOOK OF LIZ, some readings...

*2013-Eurydice, Book of LizPicasso at the Lapin Agile, some sketch comedy and play readings.

*2012- A little Shakespeare, such as Merchant of Venice, and smaller sketch comedy performances

*2011- Original work
Candide of California, Or Optimism with Custom Made Theatre
*2010 my year for beautifully written dramas  
Gem of the Ocean with Multi-Ethnic Theatre
The Diary of Anne Frank" with Custom Made Theatre.  

*2009 working with new (to me) companies
Museum with Boxcar Theatre
Maidrid's Bow with Wily West Productions
Goebbels! One Night Only! Live from Hell!, part of the BOA Festival 8   (I played Beelzebub!)

Here is what Dogmom said about it: "Goebbels! Live from Hell! One Night Only! is a farcical history lesson that employs the full comedic chops of Stefin Collins' Beelzebub and Theresa Miller's Ashataroth. "

*2008  I was in 4 different plays in "Orchards" with CMTC
2 fringe festival shows
Pride & Succubus with the Thunderbird Theatre Company
The Odd Couple with CMTC
The Book of Liz with CMTC (understudy all male roles)
Beckett in Winter II with CMTC.

*2007 "God" & "Death" by Woody Allen with CMTC
Judgment at Nuermberg with SFFCT


*2006  The Exception and The Rule  part of "A Very Brechty X-mas" with CMTC, with we an amazing original music score
 Just Desserts, an original comedy with 48th Avenue Productions
The Insect Comedy with SFFCT.

*2005  Wrapped up filming on "The Unwilling," with Almaden Films of San Jose.
Sleep Till Noon by Max Shulman, with SFFCT 
Played a BADASS FURBALL from HELL! - in Sincerity Forever by Mac Wellman as part of Custom Made Theatre's "Finding Sincerity".


Thanks for stopping by my web page. A special thanks to everyone who has seen me in the shows I've done. Those who haven't seen my work yet- I hope you can this year.

Make sure you check out my updated resume! Also check out the links I have to other theatre resources, and my professional friends web pages. Email me if you need more info.

See you next time. Cheers, Stefin

Philandria (Mouse) & Praxis (Owl) "Maidrid's Bow" August 2009