HEIGHT: 5'2"

WEIGHT: 145 lbs
HAIR: Brown/Bald
EYES: Hazel
VOICE: Tenor/Baritone







The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told


Benny Williams
  Left Coast Theatre

Left Coast Theatre
  Neil Higgins

Andrew Calabrese
Come Here Often (1998) Ralph   Left Coast Theatre   Chris Maltby
Morning After The Prom Stephen   Left Coast Theatre   Terry Maloney Haley
$wampland   Dongle/Officer Braddock/Cam/Bannon PCSF- SF Fringe Fest 2017 @ the Exit Wesley Cayabyab
Twilight Zone- I Dream of Genie Dirk J Irk   Dreams on Rocks Twilight Zone Parody show @ Piano Fight   Melinda Bailey
What Happened at Church Husband   Pint Sized Plays- Piano Fight   Vince Faso
San Francisco, Here I Come! Emperor Norton   Left Coast Theatre   Richard Ryan
Jerusalem   Wesley   Second Wind Productions   Misha Hawk- Wyatt
Twilight Zone- Harsh Mistresses Harry Balls   Dark Room SF   Melinda Bailey
Book of Liz Brightbee/Yvonne/Donny/Rudy CMTC (Custom Made Theatre Company) James Nelson
Sleeping Beauty, or Coma Anthea Arlo   Virago Theatre   Dale Albright
Vampire Lesbians of Sodom Hujar/Zack   Virago Theatre   Dale Albright
Picasso at the Lapin Agile Sagot   Actors Ensemble Berkeley   Anna Andersen
Eurydice*** Little Stone   CMTC (Custom Made Theatre Company)  Katja Rivera
Parade of Stars at Club Hernandez Henri Toulouse Lautrec   Theater Festival SF   Doug Marshall
Merchant of Venice Prince of Aragon/Salerio   CMTC (Custom Made Theatre Company) Stuart Bousel
A Hot Day in Ephesus Duke   Actors Ensemble Berkeley   Bruce Coughran
Candide of California, or Optimism Part 1 Orator/Castrati/ Martin/others   CMTC    Brian Katz
Road Trip To Pluto Terry Gross NPR Host   Bitter Show:  SF Fringe Fest 2010 Jody Handley
Gem of the Ocean Rutherford Selig   Multi-Ethnic Theatre   Lewis Campbell
Androcles and the Lion The editor   San Francisco Free Civic Theatre Glenn Havlan
The Diary of Anne Frank   Mr. Kraler   Custom Made Theatre Company Leah Abrams      
Museum   Mr. Hollingsford/Mr. Moe*   Boxcar Theatre   Stephanie Renee Maysonave
Maidrid's Bow Praxis/Tursus/Melda    Wily West Productions   David Stein
Goebbels! Live from Hell! One Night Only! Beelzebub   Bay Area One Act Festival 2010 Jennifer Daly


Drowning Stephen   CMTC (Custom Made Theatre Company) Gabriel Grilli


Vint       Psulin   CMTC (Custom Made Theatre Company) Leah Abrams
Pride & Succubus Mr. Beenthere   Thunderbird Theatre Company Max Bernstein
The Odd Couple Vinnie   CMTC   Leah Abrams
What Where/Ohio Impromptu Bom/Listener   CMTC   Leah Abrams
Judgment at Nuermberg Dr. Geuter   San Francisco Free Civic Theatre Glenn Havlan
God   Actor: Diabetes & Slave: Phidipidies CMTC   Christopher Jenkins
Death   Madam Spiro's Assistant   CMTC   Christopher Jenkins
The Exception & The Rule   Leader of 2nd Caravan   CMTC   Lewis Campbell
The Insect Comedy Mr. Dung Beetle   San Francisco Free Civic Theatre Glenn Havlan
Just  Desserts! Allen   48th Ave. Prod.@The Shelton Theatre Frank Gigliotti
Sincerity Forever Furball #1   CMTC   Jon Bailey
Sleep Till Noon Sam Hiff/Archer Geddes   San Francisco Free Civic Theatre Glenn Havlan
Puss-in-Boots Meets Rapunzel Rapunzel/Splish   Pudding Club Panto   Pamela Barnes
Wrestling An Alligator The Business Man   SF Fringe Festival 2004 @Exit on Taylor Ed Champion
The Cheever Tapes Sam Greenblatt   Killing My Lobster @The Magic Theatre Emily Lou
The Inspector Pytor Ivanovich Bobchinsky   San Francisco Free Civic Theatre Glenn Havlan


Street Scene Officer Harry Murphy   San Francisco State University Jenny Lord
The House of Yes Anthony   San Francisco State University   Vadanak Ke
The Skin of Our Teeth  Homer   San Francisco State University   Jacqueline Peters
A Night at Le Petit Orange Charles Belforswear   San Francisco State University Tommy Afsari
The Food Chain Otto Woodnick   San Francisco State University   Jaclyn Chan
A Funny Thing Happened On          
The Way To The Forum Erronius   San Francisco State University   Byron Peter
To Mimi's House We Go Mark   San Francisco State University Bill Peters
Merchant of Venice Lancelot *   Screen Actors Academy Players Joe Halcott


Pasiphae   Daedalus  / The Minotaur   SF Playwrights Center Dev Reading Charles Lerrigo
Thinner Than..Triton Nereus   SF Olympians Festival VI: Wine Dark Sea   Cecilia Harrison
Silent City   Peter*   Tripleshot Productions   Bahati Bonner
Batman Live The Penguin   A Darkroom Production    Jim Fourniadis
Dominion   Amit   SF Playwrights Center Dev Reading  Alan Olejniczak
Anomie   Detective Argos   SF Playwrights Center Dev. Reading Gaetana Caldwell-Smith
An Ear for Voices Travis Voiceover   SF Playwrights Center Staged Reading Alina Trowbridge
Hold Your Piece Marcus   SF Playwrights Center Staged Reading Jerome Joseph Gente
The Pennsylvanian (The Reunion) Macon   Dramatist Guild Staged Play Night Robert Lundy-Payne
The Shunned House (adaptation) Carrington/Archer/Chorus   SF Theatre Pub's: HP Lovecraft Festival Kai Morrison
Dionysus   Police Officer/Mission Hipster   SF Theatre Pub's: SF Olympian Festival Nathan Tucker


Acting: Camille Howard, John Adams, Ron Jesse, Bill Peters

Audition Technique: Lynbarbara Mahler, Byron Peters

Musical Theatre: Byron Peters

Movement/Modern Dance: Camille Howard, Alicia Pierce

Coaching: Dana Lewenthal Improv- BATS Improv: Craig Neibaur

Voice:  Jo Tomalin, Alissa Deeter

Fight Training: Jon Bailey

Voice Over - The Voice Factory:  Taylor Korobow, Denny Delk, C.W. Wolfe, Mary Delorenzo, Blancett Reynolds


B.A. (Cum Laude) Theatre Arts Performance: San Francisco State University B.A. (Cum Laude) American Sign Language Interpreting in Deaf Studies: California State University Northridge


Fluent in ASL, Singing (Tenor/Baritone), Cartoon Voices, Photography, Car (standard/automatic), Roll Tongue, Cross Eyes, Signature Spin.

* Performance in American Sign Language  ** Staged reading

***SF BATCC Nominee Best Ensemble and Nominee Best Production